VOTE June 23, 2020

Helen Zurita for

Manassas City Council

The Democrat Working For You!


Committed. Determined. Compassionate.

Helen Zurita believes Manassas City Council should represent the interests of all of its constituents. As a mom and grandmother, she knows how challenging it can sometimes be to make ends meet.  As a community activist, she has fought to help keep low-income housing at East End Mobile Home Park. Helen cares about your concerns and will work tirelessly to help meet your needs.

Residential Housing Complex


Housing in northern Virginia is just too expensive. People who are working every day for minimum wages cannot afford to live in the community in which they work. Affordable and low-income housing is a must for our city.

School Bus & Children


Helen believes strongly that schools are a priority and the city of Manassas needs to support the concerns of their teachers and students. She particularly wants to rebuild Jennie Dean Elementary School to ensure the longterm safety of its teachers and students.


Helen Receives Recognition from the Virginia Legislature for Her Part in Helping to Save East End Mobile Home Park

East End Mobile Home Park is one of the few low-income housing options in Manassas. It was going to be removed in 2019 had it not been for the tremendous efforts of many of the people in the community. Helen helped to spearhead this effort. She is pictured here with Senator McPike and Delegate Carter.


Helen and other community members distributing backpacks to students who needed them.


Helen working with Manassas City Police to collect food donations for the community.


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